Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Ben turns 2!

I can hardly believe my little monkey man is 2! But it is true. His actual birthday is on the 14th, but as that was on the Sunday after my dad's wedding, we spent the majority of his birthday driving home from Ohio. So, we weren't actually able to celebrate his big day until this past weekend. He did, however, get a few gifts from grandparents while we were in Ohio. The picture below is the morning of his actual birthday when he is playing with his new toy from Paw-Paw (Shawn's dad). It's a horse that bounces up and down, turns in circles, plays music and even connects to the TV, so that he can play a horsey video game by jumping over obstacles. Video games for a 2-year-old. Yes, it's true. So far he is content just jumping on it, so I'm hoping to avoid the male video game addiction for a few more years yet.

This video was taken on this past Saturday when we were finally able to celebrate his birthday. He was so excited about getting to blow out the candles, he couldn't wait until the end of the song.


Cake sugar high

We debated forever on what to get him for his birthday, but a choo-choo trains are definitely his current obsession. He loves Thomas the train, so that's what we finally decided on. He was very happy.

Thrilled with his new train set!

Boys and their toys
A birthday smooch from big sis


I love this little guy SO much, and cannot imagine life without him in it.

A few facts about 2 year old Benjamin:

1. He worships Claire. He will follow her, cry when when we drop her off at school, and mimic her. This includes accessorizing with tiaras and jewellery which has caused Shawn to panic a bit, but I reassured him that even my uber manly brothers had their "dress up" moments as kids. That's what comes of having an older sister.

2. He is nearly reflux free. Hard to even picture this sweet, pleasant (mostly) boy as the screaming baby who was in constant pain. We are SO thankful that he is better, and I'm no longer a candidate for the looney bin.

3. He is LOUD! I know all boys tend to be loud, but, good grief! Everything is said at least 2 decibels louder than the average human.

4. He is not a fan of milk. Not that I blame him, but we are wondering if he might have some food allergies too.

5. He still has bumps on his arms and legs. Again, wondering about the allergy thing here.

6. He loves to give hugs. Actually, he calls them "squeezes," and they are aptly named.

7. When he wants me to hold him, get him out of bed or pick him up, he will say, "Mommy, need you." Who can resist that one?

8. He has suddenly developed a fear of alligators. Not sure where this one came from, but I suspect it has something to do with the crocodile on Disney's Peter Pan. He will say, "ayayayayaaligator get me, mommy, need you." I'm not sure if this is an actual fear or just another way of getting me to pick him up and hold him. He's a smart little stinker.

9. He is a HORRIBLE teether. It takes forever and a day for the teeth to break through, and the fussy, hands in the mouth, non-sleeping phase that is supposed to only last 3-5 days will typically last a month or so for him. This current teething trial (2 year molars) resulted in a scare at Walmart yesterday. He was chewing on one of Claire's bead bracelets (I know, bad mommy), and he broke it and swallowed one of the beads. Well, I'm not actually sure the bead went down, but he choked for a second and then said that it did go down his "froat." As instructed by the doctor, I am still awaiting its arrival from the nether regions, but it has yet to show itself. We shall see.

10. He loves his bink, to swing, and to pretend to cut the grass or vacuum. However, he is terrified of the actual vacuum and lawn mower - way too loud!

11. He is learning to jump. Right now his jump is a knee bend followed by one foot being lifted into the air.

12. He has the best laugh ever and the sweetest chubby cheeks that jiggle and bounce up and down when he runs. Shawn calls it the "Baywatch bounce." HA!

Happy Birthday little man, porkchop, little monkey, buddy boy. We love you.


Andrea said...

I am laughing at the fact that boys are so much louder than girls. Of course I wouldn't know. But think of 4 of those Bens in a househould and holy smokes, I need some ear plugs.

Kelly said...

Wow! I can't believe he's two!! Time goes by so fast! I love #9 or maybe just the thought of you looking for a bead in he's poop! Don't you love the things mommies GET to do while the daddies are at work! Can't wait to see you guys again!