Saturday, September 20, 2008

Dad's Wedding

There is not much that can prepare a child (of any age) for attending a parent's wedding. Generally (though not as often these days, unfortunately) the order of things is usually switched, marriage then kids. But, I've come to realize about my life, more so in the last five years than ever before, that it's never really what I expect it to be. Too often I find myself wishing that, like my two year old son who so often now yells about not getting his way, I too could throw a fit about this crazy life that keeps changing. Change is not often a fun or desirable thing, but, every once and a while, it is a very good thing too.

My father's wedding took place this past weekend. It was a wonderful time to visit with family, see friends from many years past, and rejoice in the new happiness in my dad's life. It's been a long time coming for him, and we are extremely thankful for SueAnne and her addition to our family. And yet, despite the overwhelming happiness of the day, it cannot be denied that a certain sadness existed for me as well. A sadness for what was, what was lost, and for what cannot be regained. However, seeing how happy my dad is, how happy SueAnne is and how happy they are together is really evidence that, truly, sometimes, change is a good thing.

I've posted several pictures from the weekend.

Jesse and Zeke at the rehearsal dinner at Marion's Pizza. Can't get this type of pizza anywhere but Centerville. Jesse just put a huge bite in his mouth, and Zeke is grinning like the little stinker he is. Don't let that angelic smile fool you.
Shonda and Tristyn
Claire and Kayli at the wedding
This picture cracks me up. We all met at the church and hour and a half before the wedding to get all the pictures taken. Surprisingly, the whole family was on time. The photographer, however, was not. The picture below is dad's first glimpse of SueAnne in her dress. The horrified look on her face has nothing to do with her feelings for dad, but instead, dad (ding-dong) chose that moment to tell her the photographer was late!
I had to include this picture of Shawn and Ben. Ben was only present for the pictures and didn't actually stay for the wedding. We knew that keeping him occupied during the service was not going to be easy, so he left to go take a nap at Grandma's house.
The photographer did finally show up, and, I think, was able to get all the pictures taken. As you can see, my camera did not agree well with the lights she set up.
Who sings in their own wedding? Um, my dad and SueAnne do. Actually, they sang one song together, and my dad sang another song to SueAnne later in the ceremony. A poem he wrote for SueAnne was also read earlier, and there were more than a few men grumbling afterwards that dad had ruined it for all the other men there. Writing poems AND singing to her?
The vows
Happiness personified
Instead of descending to the depths of the church basement for the reception, it was held outside on the lawn. The weather was a HUGE gamble, but it ended up being a great day. A little warm at times, but still very nice.
Bud and Gran B flew in from Florida
Claire and her Papa

After the cake reception at the church, immediate family (sans kidlets) had dinner at Carver's - yum. It's not often that Shawn and I get to dress up for anything and go anywhere without the kids, so I had Seth take a picture of us at the dinner reception.


Kelly said...

First of all, you look great!!! Second, what a great idea having the reception out side. It looks so nice! I'm so glad you got a chance to go. It seems like you've been in Ohio more than NC lately. You should move. haha

The Fab 4 said...

Aw, Bill! He has always been so handsome. I'm happy for him.

You look so pretty in the pic with Shawn! Really like the haircut!