Thursday, September 18, 2008

Noah Timothy Browning

Despite being scheduled for an induction on Wednesday night (the 10th) which would, most certainly, have resulted in Amy giving birth on the morning of September 11th, this little guy had his own agenda. Amy went into labor on her own on Wednesday morning, and Noah was safely born that night at 10:30. We were thrilled at his timely arrival. Though we all professed to Zach (to his face, anyway) that his son being born on September 11th really wouldn't have been a big deal, I'm pretty sure we were all secretly horrified at the thought. Imagine having that birthday and it being commemorated every year with a memorial for all those lost on that dreadful day. I'm sure it wouldn't have made a bit of difference to him, and, with time, the stigma of that day will surely lessen (sad though that is), but, still, we are glad he came a bit early! Welcome to the world, newest nephew!!

Though the hairy beastliness of his father has not been passed on to him (though, puberty will tell for sure), I would say that little Noah favors his papa. He has almost no hair, and what he does have could really only be properly included in the blond "fuzz" category.
This little cutie wasn't so little, actually. Weighing in at 8 lbs. 9 oz., he gave his momma a run for her money. As all mommas know, labor is most certainly aptly named.

Proud Aunt Naomi, Nomi, or Mimi, whatever. I'm cool with it.
I'm not cool with my greasy face in this picture, however, but that's what comes with traveling in the car all day and then racing to the hospital as soon as I could.

As I told her, Amy looks pretty darn good for having given birth just the day before. Hello, makeup? I was impressed. I looked like death warmed over, and could have cared less. Poor thing had a horrible time with her epidural. She had a "wet tap" the first time, and it had to be redone. Even worse, the messed up epidural has caused awful headaches. The doctor told her, not to worry, they should be gone in two weeks. TWO WEEKS!??? I think I would have punched him in the face. But that's just me.

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Johnson said...

Naomi, I also had a wet tap and had the spinal headaches. I could barely walk to the bathroom. It was horrible. I had a blood patch before leaving the hospital, but it didn't work. It is where they took blood from my hand and inserted into my back to clot the hole.

After a week and talking to Travis' uncle (who is an anesthetist) I went back for a 2nd blood patch and it worked. I walked out of the hospital pain free.

I would tell Amy to insist on the hospital paying for her blood patch because they messed up. That is what I did and it worked. Seriously, the headache is from her brain actually resting on her skull because there is no fluid for it to float on. It is excruciating pain.

It was so bad that I opted to have my next baby at home without drugs because I didn't want another needle in my back ever again!

I hope she feels better soon.