Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Catch Up - Pool Days

The last few weeks have been very busy in Casa de Black, and I am woefully behind on my "blogging." In my defense, I have been trying for over a week to upload a stinking hilarious video of Ben shaking toy maracas while doing the booty dance. See, I told you it was funny. Alas, blogger is not helping me out on this. So, I uploaded all the pictures off my camera, and I'm ready to try to catch up on our other activities.

Lest my sorry list of new posts for August mislead you, we did actually do some things. One of our favorite summer activities is going swimming at the local pool. It's a small neighborhood pool which I believe we have outgrown, but it was good for the kids this year. Here they are in the "baby pool" playing together. I believe this particular game involves the watering can and the "trees" they are watering. Um, I don't ask.

Michael Phelps has nothing to fear from these two. Claire still refuses to put her face in the water. Though, she is perfectly content paddling around the pool with her "swim muscles." Ben would probably jump straight into the pool if we would let him, but his ear tubes prevent much of his pool fun. He loves the pool, but has a short attention span. When he's done, he'll yell out, "done, go home," swim over to the ladder and climb right out.

Here they are enjoying their absolute favorite pool activity - drinking juice boxes. For kids who typically get watered down juice in their sippy cups, a full box of non-diluted, sugary juice is a real treat.

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Kelly said...

Love the new pictures. Are they from the wedding? You look great by the way. Can't wait to here all about everything.