Friday, September 5, 2008

More Ohio Pics

I'm still trying to catch up from the last week or so. These pictures were also taken while we were up in Ohio. Many of them were taken at my mom's house.
Contrary to the face she is making, Claire actually had a great time at Nana's, well, apart from the near paralyzing fear of my mom's two dogs that is. She spent most of her time hopping from one piece of furniture to the next to avoid having to come into contact with them. Ben, as you can see, didn't mind them much at all.
Kayli and Claire were lucky enough to have their first joint sleepover at Nana's. I use the term "sleepover" loosely, as I'm pretty sure there wasn't much sleeping going on. There was, however, bathing in Nana's big tub.

This picture was taken as evidence that Claire did, eventually, become accustomed to Sadie, my mom's golden retriever, as long as he didn't approach her head on. Back and hindquarters were safe though. Sammy, the Maltese, stayed on her "enemies at large" list.
Nothing like the strangle hold to show sibling love.

Nana had a cool battery operated car for the kids to use. I'll just let you guess which grandchild would have nothing to do with it.

Ben and Zeke getting in a little game of air hockey.

The two boys, Zeke and Ben, are 8 months apart, so they don't have a whole lot in common yet, including their hair color! But, they seemed to get along fine.

Zach and his very pregnant girlfriend, Amy, are due a baby boy (Noah Timothy) on the 17th. We are hoping he's born early, so that we can see him while we are up in Ohio for dad's wedding.

I love this picture. Ben and his Papa. I had several people tell me that they look alike.

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Kelly said...

Wow! Hanging out with family can be so fun! I'm glad you guys had such a good time!!! Can't wait to see pictures of the newest Browning!!!