Wednesday, September 10, 2008

First Day of School

Claire started her first day of Pre-K last Friday. On Wednesday of last week, we went to a brief orientation meeting, and she was able to see her new classroom and meet her teachers, Ms. Robin and Ms. Shana (apparently, in the South, teachers don't have last names until you get to "real school."). She was happy with her new classroom, as it not only had a computer with computer games, but it also is home to the class pet fish (yet to be named) and various "cool" new toys.

Unlike the anxiety that colored last year's first day, this year's first day was full of excitement and anticipation, mostly due to the fact that Alexandra, her best friend from last year, is in her class again. As you can see from the pictures, she was all smiles about her new dress (thanks, Grandma) and her new Tinkerbell backpack.

Here she is outside her classroom. No tears!

Now that several school days have passed, she has informed me that she has a new best friend - Riley (female). Actually, Claire seems to think that her name is Rolly, but I kinda doubt that (though who knows these days, huh?). Anyway, it seems poor Alexandra threw a fit and told Riley to leave her friend (Claire) alone. Claire, ever the peacemaker, calmly informed Alexandra that she would have enough time to play with both of them. While I certainly don't like the idea of girls fighting each other for friends (cat fights aren't supposed to happen till jr. high, right?), it does this mama's heart good to know that Claire has more friends than she can play with all at the same time. This is a far cry from last year when this little girl would constantly come home from school and tell me that she just played by herself that day.

So, here's to more cat fights! Just kidding . . . sort of.

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Kelly said...

She looks so cute! Isabelle has the same backpack!! How funny is that!